Meet the Creators

Hey there! Thank you for being here to see the ceramic art we have to offer. 

The pottery that we make together is a labor of love, with both of our touches on each and every piece. We take so much pride in the art we make together. It's a way to be expressive, spend time together, and create beautiful things!

Our pottery studio is located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We are surrounded by beautiful red pines and lakes all around us. We love the outdoors and the scenery around us inspires our work greatly.

We are also passionate about sustainability. In our personal lives, and business, we try our best to treat our bodies & the Earth with respect. We re-claim all of our clay scraps, so nothing goes to waste. Along with using every drop of glaze that we can. This view on sustainability may be reflected in the shipping and packaging materials that we use. 

Much love, Samuel & Taylor Peters