Over this holiday season we received the best Christmas gift we could have asked for. Here is a small backstory…

In March 2021, we found out that Sam, age 25, was in kidney failure. By the time we (Taylor & Sam) knew anything was wrong, Sam’s kidneys were functioning at only 5%. This discovery eventually lead to him starting dialysis & having to go on the kidney transplant list. So, for the past 2+ years, Sam has been doing dialysis at home every single night. 
Throughout this time there had been so many loving, selfless people who have tried to be a living kidney donor to Sam. Many people were denied, but finally we have one person who has succeeded! 

Now, what does this information have to do with the best Christmas gift?

This past weekend we received a call saying that through the National Paired Kidney Exchange, Samuel is tentatively scheduled to get his kidney transplant surgery at the end of January! 
We are absolutely stunned & excited & nervous & all the things! We are going into countdown mode now, and prepping for this huge change coming our way.

We are still going to be making pottery this month & keeping our creative juices flowing. 

With that being said, we are making January 18th, 2024 the last day to order from our website. But don’t worry, when things settle back down after the surgery, we will put the items we have back on the website! 


Thanks for reading a bit about us and our lives! Pray for a smooth and fast recovery for everyone involved. We will be dreaming up some amazing pottery while we’re away & taking a break!

Love, Samuel & Taylor

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